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Women Invent

Women Invent

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Chicago Tribune:

"Notable Book..."

From the Los Angeles Times:

"Casey’s main goal is to inspire young inventors, not to praise accomplished ones, so she has included stories about dozens of lesser-known inventions, as well as a comprehensive resource list to help would-be inventors develop and even profit from their own ideas."


American Revolution

Kids Inventing!

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Have you ever seen inventors on TV or in the newspaper and thought, "That could be me!" Well, it certainly could—and this book shows you how. Kids Inventing! gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for turning your ideas into realities for fun, competition, and even profit.

From finding an idea and creating a working model to patenting, manufacturing, and selling your invention, you get expert guidance in all the different stages of inventing. You'll see how to keep an inventor's log, present your ideas, and work as part of a team or with a mentor. You'll meet inspiring kids just like you who designed their own award-winning inventions. And you'll see how to prepare for the various state and national invention contests held each year, as well as international competitions and science fairs.


Kids Inventing!

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