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"The presentation by Susan Casey was both engaging and enlightening. She inspired the inventor in us, illustrating how everyday innovations can be revolutionary. The audience thoroughly enjoyed her." - Marsha Tucker, Executive Director, The Houston Forum
(The Washington D.C.-based Public Affairs Group includes THE HOUSTON FORUM in its coveted listing of Top U.S. Speaking Forums.)

"Susan Casey delivers an outstanding presentation on the lives of people who invent. Her presentation is thoughtful, entertaining, and inspiring. What is most important about her presentation is her ability to convince teachers that they too can encourage inventive thought in young people, that it is our responsibility to encourage talent, and to see joy in the creative process! What a formidable set of messages to offer in one presentation." -Jann H. Leppien, Ph.D., Co-Director, Edufest


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Women invent!

America’s women inventors are a smart, spunky, intelligent bunch.  Since 1715, they have been gaining patents for inventions ranging from ways to mill corn to ways, to drugs to fight cancer, to processes to can food, to materials to protect us from harm.  I present slide shows or power point presentations that focus on the accomplishments of women inventors over the past two hundred years including: : Martha Coston, inventor of signal flares used during the Civil War; Madam Walker, the first African American female millionaire; Patsy Sherman, co-inventor of Scotchgard; Bette Graham, creator of Liquid Paper; and, Sally Fox, developer of naturally colored cotton. 

Invention As a Creative and
Interdisciplinary Activity

All inventors—male, female and even kids—explore, research and think outside the box in coming up with ideas and then creating prototypes of inventions. In a slide show, I present examples of the problem solving skills and methods of male and female inventors including Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers, solar house inventor Maria Telkes, Kevlar inventor Stephanie Kwolek and many kids who have won national competitions and some who have had their inventions produced as products. Stories of kid inventors demonstrate ways that kids use the same methods as adult inventors. I also present information about national programs for young inventors.


Kids Inventing!

Kids Inventing! bookcover

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ISBN #0-471-66086-8
Ages 9+, $14.95

Women Invent!

Women Invent! bookcover

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Chicago Review Press
ISBN #1-55652-317-3
Ages 9+, $14.95

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