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"The presentations Susan has given at the Los Angeles Public Library have been outstanding."
Billie Connor-Dominguez, Los Angeles Public Library, Central Branch, Manager, Science, Technology and Patents Department

"Susan Casey presented a fun and informative "Invention Workshop" at the Palisades Branch Library. In the multi-visual, interactive session, the teens learned how teen inventions have been patented, trademarked & sold in stores, and they collectively brainstormed new inventions. They also learned about national teen inventor's contests. Susan is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and works well with teens. Her program was a true success. "
W. Henry Gambill, Young Adult Librarian, Palisades Branch,
Los Angeles Public Library

"Susan presented a program on Women's History Month based on her books and research. The event was exciting and engaging. Ms. Casey demonstrated examples of women's achievements throughout history through a slide show and concrete examples. Her presentations was entertaining and inspiring to many of our young patrons. Overall, I would recommend Ms. Casey as a presenter.
She is a pleasure to work with and we would be happy to have her present at our library again."
Mr. Dana Vinke,
Torrance Public Library


Hello, Librarians!

After writing Women Invent! and Kids Inventing!, I created activity sheets for students to help them invent and do research about inventors, inventing, and creative and artistic projects related to invention. You can find the links on this page. I hope you find them useful for your patrons.

Presentations for Libraries

Library Workshops

Young Inventors Workshop!

Susan displays and demonstrates inventions of young inventors, involves students in a brainstorming session to think of ideas for inventions, then asks them to name them, judge them and to think of ideas for advertising them. She explains patents and trademarks and tells of invention programs and contests any young inventor can enter. ”

Women Invent! And Girls do too!

America’s Susan tells of the accomplishments of America's women inventors including Sybilla Masters, who in 1715 was the first woman in America to claim an invention; Madam Walker, creator of hair care products and the first African-American female millionaire; Maria Telkes, inventor of the Solar heated house; Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar, the material used to make bullet-proof vests and many more. She also shows videos of today's girl inventors and demonstrates their inventions.

Past Appearances:

Los Angeles Public Library Central Branch
Los Angeles Public Library Branches including Venice, Los Feliz, Malabar, Studio City and more.
Many Los Angeles County Public Libraries
Torrance Public Library
Palos Verdes Library
California School Librarians Conference



Kids Inventing!

Kids Inventing! bookcover

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ISBN #0-471-66086-8
Ages 9+, $14.95

Women Invent!

Women Invent! bookcover

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Chicago Review Press
ISBN #1-55652-317-3
Ages 9+, $14.95

More Testimonials

"As the Senior Librarian in Teen'Scape, a space just for teens at the Los Angeles Public Library-Central Library, I scheduled Susan Casey to present a program for young inventors on a couple of different occasions. Susan had a very good rapport with the teens who attended the programs. She engaged the middle & high school attendess by showing examples of unique items invented by teens. She discussed with them ideas that they might have for inventions and encouraged them to think about new products that they might like to see invented in the future. She made the interaction fun and stimulating for the students. Therefore, I recommend Susan Casey's Young Inventors program for middle and high school teens as a welcome addition to your library programming."
Virginia Loe, Principal Librarian, Los Angeles Public Central Library, Electronic Resources Manageri

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