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Adventures of a Non-fiction Writer:
Why Writing About Real Life is Fascinating

In this interactive presentation, Susan uses images of the many real life stories and incidents she's written about to illustrate how fascinating and varied tales of real life can be.  She talks of skills used by non-fiction writers and involves students in a demonstration of some.  After sharing stories included in her books--of kid inventors, of women inventors and the brave women of the American Revolution, she concludes with the point that writing is like basketball:  practice makes perfect!

Kids Can Invent!

All About Young Inventors and How to Become OneWhat better way to prove that kids can invent and that STEAM programs work than to display inventions by kids that are sold nationwide? Susan does just that.  In this presentation Susan tells of the struggles and success of  many kid inventors, about contests they've entered and won, and about the steps of invention that can be followed by all who want to be young inventors.

Women Invent! How Women Inventors Have Contributed to the World

Ever heard of frozen pizza, the dishwasher, Kevlar, the solar house? Those and many other inventions were all invented by women.  Hear stories of the inventions of business women, mothers, and daughters who brought their ideas to life.  And sold them!

American Women in the American Revolution

The American Revolution was fought on battlefields, on farms, in towns and cities.  Women were in all those places acting as spies, soldiers, messengers and rescuers.  Susan will show historic images and share primary sources while telling tales of the lives of these brave women.

Young Inventors Workshop—A Hands-On Program 

Susan displays inventions created by kids then involves young inventors in a hands-on, model making activity.  She shows videos of award winning kid inventors and asks for critiques of their inventions.  Participants continue their inventing process in a brainstorming activity, then evaluate their ideas, pick the best one and come up with a name, price, slogan, and song to demonstrate the value and appeal of their invention ideas which they present at the conclusion of the workshop. 



“Susan Casey is an outstanding presenter who educates while she holds her audiences spellbound." - Joan Hanson, Founder and Chair, Author Festivals of the School Districts of Long Beach, Westminster, Newport Beach and Tustin, California

"Susan Casey's presentations at Zane were inspiring. We had lots of students going through the invention books to see what they might invent. It was wonderful to see the reactions from so many of them. Her contribution to their learning was invaluable." - Kathleen Moore, Catherine L. Zane Middle School, Eureka City Schools, Eureka, CA

"During our last Author Celebration Day, Eastwood Elementary was fortunate to have Susan Casey as our visiting author. She spent the day at our school speaking to the children both about the craft of being an author and also teaching about the subject matter of two of her current publications, Kids Inventing! and Women Invent! During assemblies with the children, she was able to connect with the students and keep them engaged. She brought numerous examples with her which children were able to see and touch. With the teachers, she was warm and engaging, answering questions and signing books. Having Ms. Casey at our school was a privilege!" - Greg Branch, Eastwood Elementary School, Westminster, Californiai

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